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What does Self-Discipline mean?

Don’t believe that you can be motivated every single day. Instead, our behaviors and actions comes from discipline and discipline is created by knowledge, our habits and consistency.

Self-discipline is your ability to control your desires and habits for long enough to stay focused on what needs to be done to achieve your goals, feel the way you want, live the life you wish for and be your highest self.

With self-discipline your are more likely to reach your desired outcomes and you’ll be calm and patience about the journey. Stay focused, develop a growing mindset and work on your prioritizes.

If you’re lacking self-discipline you probably often feel that you:
  • Procrastinating

  • Having a “Give up attitude”

  • Get easily distracted

  • You’re inconsistent

  • Not developing better habits

Where do you start?
  • Take action and practice new habits daily

  • Be clear on your goals and remind yourself of them daily

  • Set small goals along the way

  • Know your ‘why’

  • Practice prioritizing the things you actually need and will take you where you want to be (stop wasting time on things that doesn’t matter)

  • Work on your mindset, visualize your outcome

Overcome Limiting Beliefs

Your Belief System Is Sabotaging Your Results

For example, Maybe you’ve been overweight the majority of your life. You have looked at other people and thought “I’d never be like them” OR they have even told you what you are, overweight. You started to identify yourself with this, adopting the belief that you’ll always be this way and you can’t be fit and healthy.

Maybe you have spent so many years telling yourself “I am an anxious person”, you started to actually identify with it, adopting anxiety and fear into your belief system about who you fundamentally are. Maybe you never thought you could be different, be or have what you wanted.

In some cases, your limiting beliefs come from wanting to keep yourself safe. Maybe you prefer the comfort of what you’ve known to the vulnerability of what you don’t, think that suffering makes you more worthy, or believe that for every good thing in life, there must also be an accompanying “bad”.

Limiting beliefs hold us back in various ways, making us feel like we don’t deserve the success that we’re not good to others and that the world is against us.

To heal and overcome these limiting beliefs you’re going to have to change the way you think. You have to
start being conscious of negative and false beliefs and start shifting to a mindset that actually serves you.

First, you must identify your limiting beliefs. What beliefs are you holding about yourself to prevent you to take action and becoming the best version of yourself.

Self-talk is so important. Your limiting beliefs often occur deep in your subconscious. The more we talk positively to ourselves we can rewire these limiting beliefs. Start by noticing your inner voice. What does it say? You can start writing them
down when they come up. Start replacing them with more empowering thoughts. 

Your life is your responsibility. You choose
to let your circumstances control you and that they are beyond your control. You need to start developing the belief that life happens for you, not to you. Things that are out of our control will happen but we can control how we react to them.

Certainty kills dreams – Toni Robbins.

Instead of thinking about what you will never do, think of what you will do. DREAM BIG.

You are the architect of your life. You are capable of anything. It’s time to stop letting limiting beliefs hold you back.

Surround yourself with people who cares about your health and your fitness goals. Join group fitness classes with supportive people. Take help from a coach that want you to succeed. 

Everything you want to become you can and at The Studio we all belive in each other.

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