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Fit & Functional

This class is for those who wants to progress within their training, improve on technique and become stronger in the compound lifts such as a a Squat, Deadlifts, Bench Press, Barbell Press etc. These classes are periodized for optimal progression and we focus on all the key fitness components. The class always start with mobility and activation to warm up the main muscle group. The class will then move onto functional strength and endurance and finally finish with an intense (aerobic or anaerobic) conditioning part to improve cardiovascular fitness.


In our LIFT (Low Intensity Functional Training) session you will get hypertrophy training and build lean muscles! In this session we focus on resistance training and functional bodybuilding exercises. We are aiming to increase muscle hypertrophy and apply progressive overload. Tools like pyramid sets, drop-sets, super-sets, partial and negative reps are applied. This session allows you to slow down the movement and master technique, range of motion (ROM) and increase mind and muscle connection. Our 'LIFT' class is program based, meaning you won't be rushed through a circuit style format so taking your time in each exercises and rest between sets is recommended.


A quick 30 min high intense workout, EMOM/AMRAP style. This will definitely get your heart rate up and leave you feeling energized for the rest of the day!


Bring back the old school Bootcamp style! This is a mixed cardio and weights session! Be prepared to sweat and get a full body workout! Perfect if you can only make limited sessions per week as you get to work through your whole body!


Join us every Saturday for a fun, free partner / team session! Bring a buddy along and take on our Saturday sessions and test your fitness skills! Typically 30-40 minute session followed by coffee and protein smoothies post workout!

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