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5 Reasons Why You Should Be Exercising In A Group

Any type of exercise is good for you! Going to the gym and focus on yourself is good, it has many positive effects on your well-being and health, but there are benefits to choosing to exercise in a group environment. Here we have listed 5 of them!

1. Safety first

Group sessions are held by professional and educated coaches, we are here to help you perform the exercises with the proper form and technique. In that way, you will reduce the risks of getting injured and improve your performance. Researches show that it is a higher risk to get injured when training alone than in a group.

2. You don't need to be experienced

It is common to believe that we are not experienced enough to attend group classes and that we need to build up strength first. That is very much wrong! Group fitness is for everyone! With us, at The Studio Health & Fitness you get a variety of group classes. Our group classes are designed for everyone no matter the individual fitness levels, we always have coaches around to help as we work very closely with our members. If you struggle with certain movements because of injuries we are here to help you with a strategy for you to progress.

3. More variety in your training sessions

A great advantage of attending group classes is that you will always have a huge variety in your session. The sessions are easy to combine with any other activities you are doing outside the gym like running, walking, biking, etc. We also offer recovery classes for you to feel your best! And if you ever lose motivation there are always other classes so attend and try on our schedule! The health advantages you will notice to your body and mind of having an active lifestyle and exercising regularly is something that contributes to consistency.

4. It is time efficient and effective

We know that many people today have busy schedules. It takes time for you to plan your training program, do a proper warm-up and then go through the session! In our session we have it all done for you! The classes are often split into different parts where you get a good warm-up at the start and then there is always something new on the program to work on and learn. This also makes the session interesting because you never know what is about to come in the hour you’re working out. You will notice that the hour will fly by while you have a fun and great session and get it done effectively!

5. Motivation and Inspiration

Exercising in a group environment you’ll always learn new things! We as your trainers will always provide new, fun, and challenging exercises! We want you to constantly be learning. We find that our members are getting more and more experienced and comfortable coming into our gym themselves to perform exercises they have learned along the way. Our members motivate, inspire, and help each other throughout the sessions. Training with other people is encouraging, it’s fun and you will build friendship relations!

If group fitness is something you are interested in don't hesitate to get in contact with us!

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